Anger irritation and impatience are painful emotions to live with. They destroy stability and love in the relationships we value the most and prevent us from enjoying happiness and peace of mind. Part of the work focuses on the skill of patient acceptance. I teach practical techniques to help cultivate the strength of mind to accept others as they are and liberate us from the need to control others and the anger that stems from this. You can develop the skills for allowing feelings to come and go without them hijacking your choices and dictating your actions. Tackling anger is a roll- up -your sleeves business.

  • The gift of anger; Its uses and misuse
  • Learning from others; Anger replays in slow motion.
  • Becoming an expert on your own anger escalation system
  • Earning your black belt: Strategies and skills that put you back in charge and keep you there

I welcome any questions you may have and offer a free phone consultation. If I can help you or someone you know please contact me at or (518) 862-1974, Ext. 5.

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