Stay or Go Counseling?

Stay or Go Counseling, also known as Discernment Counseling, is an approach for couples if:

  • One or both of you are questioning the commitment to stay married.
  • One or both of you aren’t sure you have the motivation for full-on couples counseling to fix your problems.

Discernment Counseling differs from relationship counseling in these ways:

  • The goal is to increase clarity and confidence about 1 of 3 directions for your relationship: commit to an all out effort in couples counseling to improve the relationship, end the relationship via separation/divorce or stay the course and decide later.
  • You are not expected to change right now, but instead to better understand what’s happened in the relationship and each partner’s contribution to the problems.
  • It’s brief: from 1-5 sessions maximum with a decision each session whether or not to meet again.

I welcome any questions you may have and offer a free phone consultation. If I can help you or someone you know please contact me at or (518) 862-1974, Ext. 5.

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