Groups focusing on couples, anger and grief may be available at any given time. Some are time limited and others are ongoing. Sharing the path with fellow travelers can make all the difference. They cheer us on, keep us on track and we can learn from them. Groups can deliver:

  • Practice: A group can be a great lab for trying out new skills and ways of being. In a group we can approach these as experiments and explorations with less concern for failure, which can inhibit us on the outside.

  • Perspective and laughter: By checking things out with others we usually discover we’re not alone; that there is a path, we are on it and it does lead somewhere. Some of the things we encounter along way might seem a little whacky. With a few travel buddies nearby you can check this out with them. “Yup. In fact so strange we couldn’t help laughing.”

  • New self-awareness: More people at the table means more resources at your disposal, feedback for you to consider, ideas to reflect on and suggestions for consideration. We get to ask questions, share our experiences and reality-test our positions with input from others. This can result in an expanded sense of who we are and how we behave. We are also likely to discover we have a lot to offer others when they need input.

I welcome any questions you may have and offer a free phone consultation. If I can help you or someone you know please contact me at or (518) 862-1974, Ext. 5.

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