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Chris Colarusso, LCSW

Welcome. Since you found yourself here, my guess is that you or someone you care about is struggling with life. You may be experiencing troubling levels of depression or anxiety, having painful conflicts in your relationships (with a partner, friends or family), grappling with professional or other work-related challenges, or attempting to cope with recent stress, grief or loss. Well, I want to let you know that help is available, and there is good reason to believe that you will come through your struggles far more quickly and productively with assistance than without it. As I am sure you will agree, it takes a lot of energy to avoid facing the truth of our problems. So, if you are ready, let's get to work.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and my experience spans over thirty-five years. My primary goal as a psychotherapist is to provide clients with a safe, supportive and growth-oriented environment in which they can learn to better face life's challenges, improve their relationships, and reach their full potential.

My style as a therapist tends to be more interactive and direct than neutral, and I work hard to help you move toward your goals as quickly as possible. I believe that healing and growth takes place in the context of a strong therapeutic relationship, and I pay close attention to this aspect of my work.

I employ a variety of tools and techniques to help you attain your therapeutic goals, and actively tailor the treatment approach to suit the needs of my clients. I employ treatment methods, both traditional and holistic, that have proven to be effective. I maintain a great respect for individual differences, and welcome the opportunity to work with clients of diverse races, religious and ethnic backgrounds, and sexual orientations. I have certified training in EMDR and TFT. In addition, my practice includes work with all members of the Adoption Community – Birthparents and Grandparents, Adoptive Parents and Grandparents and Adopted Children and Adults.

Fee: $100 per hour, sliding scale available as needed.
Participating provider with CDPHP, ValueOptions, MVP Healthcare, GHI, United Behavioral Health, OptumHealth, Medicare, Empire BC/BS and Fidelis Care and other insurance carriers when out of network benefits apply.

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